idea engineering
& cultural management

Launched in 2006 we – the Balestra Berlin team – are an ever evolving interdisciplinary group of Creatives hold together by a core team in our office in Berlin. Our widely famous Light Room Installation ‘kubik’ is exemplary for our focus of connecting light, space, environment and sound to create urban spaces around the world. Each creative challenge is unique for us, whether we are working for a small arts collective or a global brand.

For more than 8 years Balestra Berlin has been dealing with the synergies between light and art. Co-operations with several light artists proved the need of an agency that offers innovative light installations.

In 2012 we proudly launched our new department ‘light+art’ acting as agent for unique light installations by international artists. Our ‘light+art’ roster represents our perspective on innovative light art and points out the great significance of this aesthetic discipline. Our services include the selection of contemporary light projects, customization of installations and onsite production for our clients. Thus Balestra Berlin acts as the access point through which light artists interlink with festivals, agencies, consumers and brands to offer new light art experiences.