Artists: Pink+Gruen & Balestra Berlin

A kinetic light installation

U-BIJOU embraces 30 unique luminaries, distinguished by simplicity, quality and elegancy. An U-shaped glass pipe is connected to a black metal counterpart hosting the light technique, which thereby is becoming completely invisible. The lighting fixture is connected to a DMX controllable rail system. Integrated motors are able to reel the light objects individually in and out, creating different formations on the ceiling of the room. The light objects can be centered  forming a classical chandelier or they can also be spread over the entire ceiling immersing the whole space into a desired atmosphere.
The light technique is based on the PIXL SYS developed by Pink+Gruen. This supermodular, small, lightweight, bright and DMX controllable LED module is very convincing in its effectiveness. The PIXL lights with full RGB colour illumination enables users to create endless variations in light control.

U-BIJOU was created as a permanent installation at KAFFEEMITTE Monbijou. The installation can be customized depending on your individual ideas.

„Precious Diva“

DOWNLOAD our U-BIJOU presentation as pdf here

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