Artist: Rosmarie Koeckenberger

Mobile coffee shop

KJOSK is a combination of your favorite corner shop and a café on wheels.
Wherever it stops, what ever it brings – you will enter a place like home, being embraced by childhood memories and the smell of freshly brewed coffee. Located within a  Berliner double-decker bus from 1965, Rosmarie Koeckenberger designed a variable microcosmos of cosiness which conquers every heart and redefines any place. The bus is fully equipped with the infrastructure of a coffee shop, being able to serve drinks and food and to host its guests in a relaxed atmosphere on the first floor. The bus can be booked with its colorful inventory pending on your desires or as an empty space to be filled with your ideas.

“Land of milk and honey”

DOWNLOAD our KJOSK presentation as pdf here

For more detailed information please contact us: info@balestraberlin.com